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End of an Era… With Errors

Image Courtesy of Cleveland.com (2010) Ever since last night LeBron James has been taking the heat – in more than one way.

As almost everyone knows, LeBron James has chosen to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for South Beach and the Miami Heat. According to the Miami Herald, the most money LeBron can receive without a sign-and-trade deal is $99 million over five seasons. He claims it’s not about the money, but instead:

You want to put yourself in the position where you feel that it’s the best opportunity. But saying I can win a championship next year or saying I can win it a year after, those are things that you don’t know until you go out there and actually play the game. But you have to put yourself in the right position to be able to compete and also accomplish the goals that you set out for.

Additionally, he had these gems:

I wanted to play with a team that can challenge themselves every day and give themselves the best possible chance to win for a long period of time because I believe my abilities will be here for a long time.


I think to the fans of Cleveland, the times that we had, the seven years we had was like no other…. And at the end of the day, I feel awful that I’m leaving. I feel even worse I wasn’t able to bring an NBA championship to that city….to my real fans out there, I hope you guys continue to support me all the way to Miami, and I guess I’ll see you guys this fall.

In an hour-long presentation on ESPN last night, where his decision was dragged out by inane questions, he also feigned carelessness when told his jersey was being burned in the streets of Cleveland. For someone who appeared to be apologetic in his departure from his hometown, he certainly couldn’t remain emotionally consistent. However, the media flubs didn’t stop there; Dan Gilbert’s Comic Sans MS hatred was quite the classless rebuttal to LeBron’s statement, stating that he was cursed and that karma would get the best of LeBron.

Playing a sport like basketball is about being part of a team. It’s not necessarily about being able to win a championship yourself, but by helping build a team up for everyone to benefit. It’s also about having the support of owners, coaches, and fans, and it’s about departing gracefully with no hard feelings. Although LeBron has tried to build up Cleveland for the last seven years, it’s now up to the rest of the Cavs franchise to win the coveted title.