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Save the Date…Again!

As the date for the Rodman Ride Fundraiser and Lisa’s Birthday Celebration nears, we’re ironing out all the final details to make this event even more fabulous than last year’s.

So here are the new and improved details about the July 29th event!

What: Lisa’s Birthday Party/2nd Annual Rodman Ride for Kids Fundraiser

Where: Bokx 109 @ Hotel Indigo, Newton (click here for map/directions)

When: Thursday, July 29, 2010 from 6-8:30 PM

Cost: A $100 donation to Housing Families Inc. (HFI) will get you a complimentary Signature Nickerson-Red Martini, plus all the hors d’oeuvres and birthday cake you can eat

How to Donate: Click here to donate to Team Nickerson for the Rodman Ride for Kids

Stay tuned for any additional updates!


Team Nickerson


Calling all partygoers!

You may remember our previous entries about the 20th Annual Rodman Ride and Nickerson’s 2nd Annual Rodman Ride Fundraiser, on September 25th and July 28, respectively.

Well, Team Nickerson is looking for your help!

One of our first-choice venues for the 2nd Annual Rodman Ride Fundraiser, Post 390, is hosting another charity event on the same day as ours – so we’re looking for a new venue!

Any suggestions of fun, trendy, upbeat places in Boston – that can hold 200-300 people – would be greatly appreciated. We’re looking to close this for tomorrow, so we’re counting on our readers to help us out in our time crunch!

Thank you!

Save the date! Team Nickerson’s 2nd Annual Rodman Ride for Kids, Housing Families Inc. Fundraiser!

It is mid-July and a beautiful sunny day, temperature probably tipping the mid 80s and you are sitting around wondering what to do. You imagine the scene outside your house; kids riding their bikes and giggling with their friends, parents sitting on the porch chatting with each other, all this makes you want to go on a pleasant ride down the Charles River to soak up the atmosphere. Just as you were about to pick up your bike, a stern voice booms “What are you doing?” causing you to snap back to reality: your daunting desktop, a coffee mug that is half empty, office paper scattered everywhere. Great. You’re at work, and you’re stuck inside trying to finish a project that was long overdue…

Cubicle-locked and the clock hits 5 PM – it’s too late to go on a bike ride now! By the time you get home and suit-up, the sun is already setting…What to do? You really want to go!

What if we told you that you COULD go on a bike ride and it wouldn’t be too late? You wouldn’t need to break a sweat, no need to change and you could go right in downtown Boston? You might not get to experience the Charles River, but you will definitely get a paparazzi experience down a red carpet!

What are we talking about? The 2nd Annual Rodman Ride for Kids Fundraiser to support Housing Families Inc, of course! On Wednesday, July 28th, Nickerson PR will be hosting a fun, red carpet event to help raise money for Housing Families! Enter on the red carpet with photographers taking pictures of your best pose on our sponsored bike, and then catch up with friends inside as you eat delicious hors d’oeuvres and dinner with a signature Nickerson-red martini, and then end the night with an amazing raffle prize in your hand!

The Rodman Ride for Kids is a 25, 50 or 100-mile bike ride to support at-risk children in Massachusetts. Last year, 25 charities participated at the event and $7.2 million was raised for the various organizations! Nickerson PR will once again be riding as TEAM NICKERSON on behalf of Housing Families Inc., an organization that is devoted to ending homelessness in Massachusetts. HFI provides safe, temporary shelter, creates affordable housing and offers daily individualized support services to family members of all ages with more than half of these individuals being children.

Who knew riding a bike could be so helpful to others?!

Save the date!!! You can get your ride and have fun with friends too! (Though you might not be getting the sun and exercise, but why complain when you know you are helping families and children that need your support!?)

Date: July 28th, 2010
Time: 6:00-9:00 PM
Where: TBD

Details will follow soon! Keep checking back for updates!

If you cannot attend, you can still help Team Nickerson raise money for the Rodman Ride! Click here to donate for Team Nickerson! Thanks!

Written by Venisse Wu.