It’s That Time Of Year…

Move in day: A day many parents and city residents dread. In Boston, the streets are littered with U-Hauls and vans as college students prepare for the upcoming school year, but that is not the only thing causing traffic…

For many returning students, this is a familiar and exciting college ritual but for incoming freshman, this can be terrifying. I remember that I was incredibly nervous during my first move-in day. I was moving away from my friends and family and being forced into a closet-sized room with two (2) girls I had never met.  A stream of scary thoughts ran through my head: Am I going to like my roommates? Wait, what if my roommates don’t like me? What if I make no friends?! This is a common feeling for most incoming freshman and some schools try their best to make the move-in process as fun of an experience as possible for the new students.

NECN reported yesterday that Emerson College takes move-in day very seriously. New students are greeted by upper classmen in costume, dancing and singing. Many schools like Emerson adopt these move-in greetings as a way to “de-stress” the day. This day is hectic and nerve-racking for both new students as well as parents. Upper classmen dancing around and acting silly can give everyone a laugh that will help to take some of that nervous weight off ones shoulders.

My first day, a girl in face paint and a brightly colored wig came over to my parents’ car, made a couple of jokes and offered to help with my stuff. Although she looked completely ridiculous, it made me more relaxed and able to act more like myself. The most important thing about transitioning to college is remembering that no one is perfect. By having these silly and eccentric move-in days, the stress felt among new students is reduced and an environment is created that promotes meeting new people and making friends.

So to all the new freshmen…although lugging your stuff up three (3) flights of stairs to your new dorm room is horrendously tiring while your nerves are driving you crazy, make sure to enjoy every second of college because those four (4) years will be over before you know it.

Written by: Caitlin McDonough

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