Old Spice Takes Home an Emmy

In my post “You Have 30 Seconds… Impress me” I discussed several commercials that hit the mark in terms of an effective commercial. One of those commercials was the Old Spice “What Your Man Can Smell Like” campaign.  I felt the use of comedy paired with the gorgeous former NFL receiver Isaiah Mustafa, made it a commercial that would stick in your mind long after watching.

The success of the campaign continues as Weiden + Kennedy, the ad firm behind the genius commercial, received the Emmy for the 2010 Outstanding Commercial at the Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards. The Old Spice commercial beat out Snickers’ “Game”, Audi’s “Green Car”, Absolut’s “Anthem”, Nike’s “Human Chain” and Coke’s “Finals” campaign. However, this is not the first win for Weiden + Kennedy; last year the firm took home an Emmy for their Coca-Cola commercial, “Heist”.

Weiden creative directors for Old Spice, Jason Bagley and Eric Baldwin stated that “Winning an Emmy is a surreal experience. It’s such a great honor to be recognized by the entertainment industry and encourages our desire to create work that not only sells products, but entertains people. We’re very honored to have been one of the three Wieden + Kennedy spots nominated. Owning half of the six nominations is a testament to the amazing creativity happening inside the walls of our office, and the talented people and clients we get to work with.” (Adweek). After viewing Weiden + Kennedy’s work, I look forward to seeing more from them.

Weiden + Kennedy is a full service ad agency based in Portland, Oregon with office all over the world. Their clients include not only Old Spice but Coke, Converse, Dodge, Target, Nike and Levi’s.

Written by Caitlin McDonough

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