A Cure-all for the Summer Blues

Feeling the summer blues? You know it’s coming…it is the end of the summer once again. The school year is just around the corner, meaning vacations are nearing their final destinations. For the working professionals, it means that weekend trips to the beach and other places are winding down and before we know it, it will be time to break out those heavy jackets to fight off the cold…

You know how they say that eating can be a comfort…Well, I can say that Boston’s Restaurant Week definitely has great timing to help cure my summer blues!

This summer is Boston Restaurant Week’s 10th anniversary! To celebrate it, the Great Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (host and mastermind behind restaurant week) has been giving away free cupcakes from Sweet, voted one of Boston’s Best in 2009 by the Improper Bostonian.

So…what is the deal with restaurant week? With Boston boasting a large variety of cuisines and award-winning chefs, this is the week to take that end-of-summer depression and help it heal with mouth-watering food!

Being in Boston for only 2.5 years, I have already been to numerous restaurants; this kind of makes me feel like the food critic Anton Ego in Ratatouille…sampling this, sampling that, but never satisfied. Unlike him, any great food gives me a pinch of happiness. This is why I believe Restaurant Week is the best deal in town.

Restaurant Week also provides the perfect date night for anyone who doesn’t know how to make the first move. A little food adventure at a classy place makes a great first impression! Whoever does this will win a gold star in my book! Anyone up for it? Even if you are not into the idea of dating, it is a great event for friends to get together and try out everything on the menu!

Let me give you a sample of the restaurants that I have been to:

L’Espalier – upscale French cuisine in the heart of Back Bay, located just next to the Mandarin Oriental on Boylston Street. I had dinner here last year and it was great! I really enjoyed their main fish course. It was cooked to perfection – the fish was not dry and the flavor of the sauce really brought out the taste of fresh fish.

Sel De La Terre – owned by the same company as L’Espalier and also located in Back Bay on Boylston Street, this more casual French restaurant brings in different kinds of food than its upscale sister. The highlight of this menu last year was their Sweet Potato soup with cream. It is not as heavy as it sounds. There was more of a cleansing feeling when you drink it, opening up your appetite to the later courses, rather than filling you up!

Osushi – located in the Westin on Huntington Avenue, when you first enter this restaurant, it has a dark but elegant feeling to it. Their sushi menu is exquisite; I had their Milan roll and it was definitely something different than your average cream cheese roll! Using fresh mozzarella and prosciutto, it brought a taste of Italy into an Asian dish.

606 Congress – although it is located a bit far from downtown Boston at the Renaissance Hotel in South Boston, its seating overlooks the Boston Harbor. Their dessert menu was to DIE for! I had their triple chocolate cake and it had satisfied my sugar craving for months and months! It was moist enough to still retain the chewy feeling of the cake, and the frosting was not too sweet, giving out the fresh cocoa taste instead of having the sugar mask it all.

Well, before I ruin your adventures anymore, go out and have some fun with food! A cure-all for any and all summer blues or just pure boredom! It is the perfect time of the year to wind down and sit outside and din on fabulous food before the summer weather leaves us.

Written by Venisse Wu

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  • boredomcalls  On August 29, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    I did not see any foods in the pictures but everything sure looks mouth-watering. Weird huh?

    I like the ambiance in the 3rd picture by the way…

  • boredomcalls  On August 29, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Wait. Scratch that. I was referring to the picture of Osushi restaurant. Not the creepy food critique.

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