Inner Happiness: As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

The highly anticipated film Eat Pray Love hits theaters today, and has movie-goers talking about more than just the acting.  The film adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir has sparked a worldwide sensation of self-discovery.  An article in Time suggests that many fans have opted to go the same route – literally – as Gilbert in her memoir.  According to the article, resorts in Bali have actually created special packages for guests who have come to India to relive the same experience as Gilbert.

Stars of the film have also felt the impact of Gilbert’s message.  Javier Bardem, who plays Felipe in the film, commented to ABC News, “We’ve all thought about leaving everything and taking a journey to someplace else.”

Julia Roberts, who portrays Gilbert on screen, has even been reported to have started practicing Hinduism after filming Eat Pray Love.

For those looking for their own Eat Pray Love experience, the answer to me is simple: find three things (or four, or five…) that truly make life worth living, and go from there.  Gilbert traveled to Italy to take pleasure in eating, to India in order to find a new form of prayer and to Indonesia for love.

I asked the Nickerson team what their Eat Pray Love trifecta would be and here is what they had to say:

Michelle Babai says:

Laughter – Disneyworld.  Memories – Israel.   Adventure – Europe .


Monica Mercer says:

Love with my Mind, Body and Soul in Italy, Australia and Austin, Texas.

Ally Quinby says:

Fashion – Paris. Tranquility – Bora Bora. Adventure – New Zealand.

Venisse Wu says:

Cooking – Florence.  Sports – England.  Arts – Paris.

And what’s my trio of perfection?

Shop – Milan. Tea – London. Travel – Anywhere and Everywhere.

Written by Katy Lengel

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