From babydolls to babymommas…

Where one trend ends, another begins – and for stores like Topshop, hiding your stomach is out and showing your baby bump is in. If you’re only going to be pregnant for nine months, why buy high quality maternity clothes?

Now pregnant women can buy cute, trendy clothes for themselves, plus the bun in their oven. According to FabSugar: American Apparel, Topshop, Ann Taylor Loft and Forever 21 are now extending their clothing lines to include maternity wear.

With MTV coming back with their ‘Teen Mom’ series, their reality show stars can now look their age and wear the same styles as their non-pregnant peers.

If you have ever bought products from Topshop, American Apparel or Forever 21, it is pretty obvious that the amount of spandex in their products is relatively high.

I am not entirely sure if I would personally want to wear leggings if I was pregnant…especially if they are ruched at the bottom. I would also not want to wear this gem, which apparently makes your clothing fit better when you are pregnant.

Alternatively, it is nice to see fashionable and trendy stores picking up on a niche market like maternity clothing. Although you won’t wear it for more than nine months (at a time, if you have more than one child), you still won’t have to sacrifice your sense of style during that time. You can look good, stay on top of the trends and save some money while you’re at it.

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