Happy Belated Birthday America!

“Oh America,” oh beautiful America, Happy 234th birthday! The skies were ready and joyous to celebrate the 4th of July, with the party stretching over a good 3 to 4 days and the atmosphere heated up to the upper 90s, all of the party guests were prepared to bring their own spice of adventure for attendance, making this celebration of the best to remember.

Fresh fish and headlines: Lisa Nickerson

Bright and early on America’s pre-birthday (July 3rd), Lisa Nickerson, principal of Nickerson PR, and her boyfriend Demos Kouvaris took a relaxing journey off the shore of Deer Island to hunt for fresh fish. What they thought would be a smooth boat ride, with the sun shining down and cool clear waters to jump in when it gets too hot, was suddenly interrupted when a bellowing “mayday” was heard from the radio. Quickly reeling up the fishing lines, they quickly drove towards the 170-passenger whale-watching vessel that was grounded and taking on water. Having to work with a lot of reporters and big press agencies, Lisa couldn’t help to leave her “work” hat off and immediately pulled her Blackberry out and snapped pictures of the incident to send to the Boston Globe, while Demos provided the information Matt Carroll and John Guilfoil needed to report the breaking news.

Friends, Sand and Fireworks: Allyson Quinby + Caitlin McDonough

What more could one ask for on a vacation at the Cape when you have great friends, a ton of sand and great seafood? An amazing firework show of course! 2 of Nickerson PR’s hard workers, Ally (PR coordinator) and Caitlin (PR associate), escaped from the hectic workplace in Newton and headed down to two different places in Falmouth at the Cape. With the sunshine and bathing suits calling their names, both brought fun and different crowds to the beaches and festivities and watched amazing fireworks off the shores of Falmouth on the 4th.

Who’s got the Grill Going? Michelle Babai

No party could be completed without all the delicious food that the hosts have set out! That’s why Michelle got her cook’s apron on and the grill started at the party and couldn’t bear to put the spatula down! But after spending the whole afternoon on the 4th cooking, a well deserved trip to Nantasket beach was what she had earned, and Michelle’s friends just couldn’t let her go home without dumping her into the pool of their backyard first!

Running and Running…Towards the FOOD! Jennifer Kearney

Jenn, suited up in sneakers and sportswear, stood in front of the towering Gillette Stadium in Foxboro early on July 4th and got ready to run the 2010 Harvard Pilgrim 10K race. The race is 6.4 miles long and is on one of the flattest and easiest routes in New England, competitors run through rural Foxboro and along the Neponset Reservoir; aside from the beautiful scenery, the most satisfying feeling is when you run through the finish line inside the Gillette Stadium that’s right on the goal line! For Jenn, the best part of the race was feeling the tingling sensation of getting touchdown by the New England Patriots when running pass the goal line, but most of all, she was excited about the cool shower and all the BBQ that she could eat that was waiting for her back home!

White-water Rapids for Entertainment! Venisse Wu

Looking up at the clear blue skies of Maine, with towering trees bordering the scene before you and the soothing river flow sounds just around you, this sounds like the perfect camping trip doesn’t it? Next thing you know, you hear grumbling noises and have a forceful of water pouring in your face, you can’t open your eyes and immediately you get thrown off the boat and get dragged by the current into the rocky river. Flailing for air, you try to come back up but the current drags you further down until you relax and then Mother Nature lets you float back up. Nothing is scarier than feeling like you’re drowning; but then, this is what makes rapids rafting exciting! Nestled in the rural area of northern Maine is the Northern Outdoor Center, where the white-water rafting journey started on the Penobscot River. The entire day was spent paddling and hanging tight to the safety ropes on the raft, I may have had my arm muscles tense up the day after and suffered several injuries, but a rafting trip is never one unless you end up with sunburns, bruises or drenched clothing. This definitely adds a thrilling flavor to the entertainment of this July 4th party!

We would like to know! What did you do for July 4th?

Written by Venisse Wu.

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  • Kunal Phadnis  On July 6, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    Beautiful weather beautiful weekend. I went to Maine with my best friends. Needed a break from my hectic work life. Wish could have spend more days in Maine. Coincidentally I also went for river rafting and saw all my friends go for nice swim(involuntarily). But next year I might try to run Harvard Pilgrim 10K race or go to NYC to see the fireworks.

  • Martin  On July 7, 2010 at 1:21 am

    YO!!!!! Its amazing to know that people do so many different things on July 4th. I always celebrate my birthday….i was born on the 4th. But like alternative spring break, I had an alternative birthday. Helped old people to enjoy the 4th. amazing.

    I came across this blog and felt like sharing my experience.

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