Eclipse…off to a bloody good start

Obsessed twi-hards decked out in red contacts, fangs, and Team Edward and Team Jacob attire lined up at theaters for the midnight showing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on June 30th and have not stopped since. The third movie in the series based on Stephanie Meyer’s books is already breaking records. These vampire-crazed fans have brought in more than $30 million at the midnight showings alone. Some fans say Eclipse has been the best movie thus far.

People of all ages, especially the “tween” generation, are captivated by the movie’s main characters, Edward and Jacob, who both share a love interest in Bella. I don’t quite understand what is so captivating about vampires and human werewolves, but one thing is for sure…the twi-hards cannot seem to get enough of it. They have contributed to a franchise that will only continue to grow.

According to, critics on the other hand, do not seem as thrilled by the film – with only a 50% rating. The consensus discusses a great improvement in the action, romance and scenery compared to the previous two films, Twilight and New Moon. The romance between Bella, vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob sounds intriguing, but I just cannot see myself getting into this series anytime soon. I do give credit to Meyers for creating such a fetish among fans. That being said, I believe that nothing will ever top the Harry Potter series. With July 4th weekend approaching, there are expectations for the movie to make more than $150 million through Monday.

Are you going to join all the twi-hards and see the movie this weekend? Why don’t we hear what the associates at Nickerson PR have to say…

Venisse Wu: “I would see the movie only because I read the books…the book itself is not written well, but it does have a great story line.”

Rachel Licciardi: “I want to see the movie after I read the books. However, the chance of me reading the books is rather slim. I want to be able to accurately judge the series so I want to read the books and see the movies, but I just can’t seem to get into it.”

Written by Michelle Babai.

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