Communication is Key in Marriage and Divorce

By now you have probably heard that Mrs. Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, will receive a divorce settlement of $750 million. Just for comparison’s sake, another famous athlete who is also a spokesman for Nike, has young children, is known for his reputation of being a “nice guy” and cheated on his wife with numerous mistresses – Michael Jordan – only had to pay his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy, $168 million. Until now, this was the highest celebrity divorce settlement of all time. Nordegren is receiving nearly 4.5 times as much as Vanoy. However, in exchange for her ¾ of $1 billion, Nordegren is forbidden to ever publicly talk about the divorce.

Tiger is under the impression that he will be able to rebuild his reputation as long as she remains quiet. He probably will resume being the world’s best golfer and as time passes, people will forget about his scandalous past. He will continue to rake in millions, and the settlement probably has little effect on his financial situation. Okay, yes $750 million is a gargantuan amount of money and it has to have more than a little effect on his life. That being said, his lifestyle will remain the same, and that is probably what matters most to the man who had affairs with 17 women that we know of while married with two young kids.

Personally, there is nothing more I would love to read on a beautiful summer day than Nordegren’s accounts of their marriage. Normally, reading a former nanny/model’s memoir chronicling her marriage and divorce from one of the world’s richest athletes would not be at the top of my summer reading list. However, it would be too difficult to turn this one down.

Recently, there have been many headlines devoted to unfaithful celebrity husbands and their wives. Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, and former Senator John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards are just two couples who have taken different approaches to regaining their reputations post-marriage. Bullock has been the epitome of class since Michelle “Bombshell” McGee admitted she had an affair with Jesse James, Bullock’s husband of five years. She has made a few public appearances since the March scandal broke and has been met with standing ovations each time. Bullock has also talked to People Magazine about James’ infidelity, but that was overshadowed by her surprise adoption. She has been able to take a messy situation and through humor, has enabled the public to move on to the next story. In June, Bullock received the Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards and she joked about some of the rumors that have been surrounding her lately – one of which said that she had died. To this, Bullock responded, “Can we please return to normal, and start making fun of me again?” In her speech, she acknowledged the controversy and concluded by saying, ‘enough about my life, let’s move on.’ Within three months of her scandal breaking, most attention has died down due to her open communication with the public and media.

Elizabeth Edwards has taken a different approach, and just recently said that Bullock’s strength has inspired her to move on. It seems as though Mrs. Edwards has talked to just about any magazine, newspaper or television show that will listen. Elizabeth has an incurable form of cancer, but her books, appearances and articles take focus away from finding a cure to wondering how her husband could have been unfaithful. She has received criticism from the press about why she continues to talk about Edwards’ infidelity. She has been talking about her husband’s affair for over a year now and shows no signs of stopping. I’m not sure what she’s hoping for with all of the attention, maybe money, maybe sympathy, but the more she continues to talk about it the more she’s preventing herself from moving on.

Last November, when Woods first crashed his car and all the women seemed to fall out of it, I followed the count of women just like the rest of America. Six months later, when women were still coming out of the woodwork, I felt like it was time for the story to die down. Now that the string of women has stopped (for now) I’m ready to hear her side. For a couple that valued privacy, they were the paparazzi’s favorite target. Like Mrs. Edwards, Nordegren would never have become a famous figure had it not been for her husband. Nordegren will not have the opportunity to publicly discuss Tiger’s infidelities like Elizabeth has. My guess is that she will follow Bullock’s example (not that she has a choice), which is to divorce him as quietly as possible and regain her life as she knew it before the media storm hit. $750 million is too much money to turn down, especially for someone who wants privacy so desperately.

My hope is that she will leave behind diaries with all of her feelings towards Woods that can be released after she dies or that she’ll say, ‘Forget the money. I want to destroy his reputation.’

Actually, my real wish is that I didn’t care about celebrities and their personal lives but in 2010, that is the world we live in.

Written by Rachel Licciardi

This blog only represents Rachel’s opinions, not those of Nickerson PME.

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