Simply awesome!


Ever have one of those really rough days? You know the kind I’m talking about. Those days where you’re stuck behind the school bus and you’re already late to work, you spill coffee all over yourself right before your big interview, your computer crashes five minutes before the big meeting…

or just one of those days where you wish it was 5:00 on Friday.

Introducing 1000 Awesome Things, a site dedicated to one awesome thing a day. Created in June 2008, it’s been counting down to the #1 awesome thing ever since – and a book was published in April 2010 of some of the most “awesome” things from the site. It can be anything awesome, from locking people out of cars and pretending to drive away to hanging out with your mom (love this one!) to snow days.

1000 Awesome Things is the perfect way to brighten your day by reminding all of us that the small things in life – those little things we tend to forget about – are the best distraction to our rougher times. So, the next time you’re in traffic in the pouring rain, maybe your wipers will sync with the beat of your music – which is pretty darn awesome.

Written by Jennifer Kearney

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